37. Club Show for Kooikerhondje

club-show-for-kooikerhondjeThe German Club for Kooikerhondje e.V. would like to cordially invite you to the 37. Club show for Kooikerhondjes.

Attention: Registration will be closed when 80 dogs have been registered.

Date: 01.07.2023

HSV OG Dresden Pillnitz
Fanny-Lewald-Str. 34
01259 Dresden

Exhibition’s Chairman: Mr. Mark Hausbrandt
Judges: Mrs. Petra Bannach (D)

It will be possible to get the following title rights:

  • German Youth-Champion (VDH/DCK)
  • German Champion (VDH)
  • German Champion (Club) (Best Dog / Best Bitch)
  • German Veteran Champion VDH/DCK
Class: Competitions
  • Babypuppy Class: 4 – 6 months (Baby)
  • Puppy Class: 6 – 9 months (Jüng)
  • Youth Class: 9 -18 months (Jug)
  • Intermediate Class: 15 – 24 months (Zwi)
  • Open Class: from 15 months (Off)
  • Veterans Class: from 8 years (Vet)
  • Champion Class: with approved Champion Title (Cha)
  • Breeders Group Comp.
  • Progeny Group Comp.
  • Best Brace Comp.
  • Child with dog


Entry deadline and entry fees: Entry by 21.05.2023
(Receipt at the registration office)
Entry by 04.06.2023
(Receipt at the registration office)
  • 1 Dog + catalogue
  • Every additional Dog (same owner)
  • Babypuppy-, Puppyclass
35,00 € / day
30,00 € / day
15,00 € / day
45,00 € / day
40,00 € / day
20,00 € / day


  • Breeders group competition
  • Progeny group competition
10,00 €
10,00 €
  • Best brace competition
10,00 €

If payment of the registration fee has not been received by 11.06.2023, the registration will be canceled automatically.

Payments to the account:

Deutscher Club für Kooikerhondje e.V.
IBAN: DE 95 3706 2365 1912 3300 16

Please enter the name of the exhibitor and the words „Entry fee Dresden 2023“ in the bank Transfer.

Online Entry Form

Please use the opportunity to fill in the online entry form:

The submission of the registration form shall be regarded as exhibition`s declaration stating that he/she knows the VDH/DCK Show Regulations and will follow them.
Each participating dog must be effectively vaccinated against rabies, please show the vaccination certificate!
A liability insurance police has been taken out for the dog.
With notification of the mail address you can get a confirmation.

Dear exhibitors, please note the following points:

  • The question mark in the online form gives you tips for proper filling.
  • Title of the dog can enter the field „title“ to (not into the name field).
  • You will receive your registration after a confirmation page with your data to monitor displayed.
  • Dogs which are registered in the Champions Class, are obliged to submit a document to confirm the title, otherwise they will automatically compete in the Open Class.
  • The address field must be completely filled out, at least with a „-“.

We look forward seeing you and wish you a pleasant journey.